January 07, 2005

Absolutely everywhere.

I was thinking the other day, where are my friends? They are everywhere. Almost absolutely everywhere-- I made an incomplete list and the range extends from Alaska to Florida, from Japan to Amsterdam, from LA to Newton, Mass. How the heck to keep in touch with everyone? I have had a great time keeping in touch with Tim McGuire by reading his weblog 'Primate Brow Flash,' and have thought off an on about starting my own blog. Mostly I thought, I could never do it as good as Tim does, he is such a good writer and has a great audience. But then Dave VanderPloeg was visiting and I told him how nice it has been to keep in touch with Tim via his blog. He encouraged me to start this. One of my students used a cool phrase once, 'blame shifting.' So now everything is in place it seems: If the site is a flop, it is Dave's fault. Thanks Dave! Nice to know you've got my back. There is nothing better for the soul than seeing an old friend.


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