April 24, 2005

Quips and Quotes

Back when we were living in Pasadena we drove out to the four corners area for a vacation. Met up with my parents who drove down from Minnesota. On the way back to LA we stopped at a little restaurant in a little town in Arizona to eat. They were selling a little booklet called 'Quips and quotes and good clean jokes' and I couldn't resist buying this collection of homespun advice. (Hand-typed including notes and figures by Dorothy Gaylean.) Here is a sampling:

Another thing we can be thankful for is we don't get as much government as we pay for.

I left my second husband because I got tired of all his four lettered words. Cook. Iron. Dust. Wash.

If your problems are all behind you you have to be a school bus driver.

Home wasn't built in a day.

To love the world is no big chore. Its that miserable man next door who is the problem!


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