August 09, 2005


Haven't posted for a few days due to a weak writer's block. One way around it is to think, OK, if I was going to write about something, what would it be? Some things to blog about if I were going to:

1. The first time I remember hearing long burn was from our Scoutmaster Tom Partridge in the boundary waters canoe area wilderness a quarter century ago. We were paddling in cedar strip canoes built by members of our own troop! He cut a thick slice off a dry salami and with characteristic enthusiasm explained how a key property of food was how long it took to digest. Sugars burned quickly, carbohydrates a little longer, then protein, with fat giving the coveted long burn. This was several epochs before Atkins or South Beach.

2. I have a pet peeve: I do a slow burn every time Boy Scouts appear in a movie or TV show. Hollywood writers never get it right, or at least, what I did in scouts has nothing to do with what I see portrayed. I remember one time in graduate school when my advisor fixed me with his beady eyes and asked, 'Were you an Eagle Scout?' as if this one fact could explain all the observations he had been making about me over the previous five years.

3. Good things to do instead of investing in ethanol plants. But instead of writing it here, take a look at this.

4. My recipe for hot pepper sweet and sour pickles.


At August 10, 2005 1:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dood Matthew J -

Yet another hard hitter from the 80's, your blog just keeps me coming back.

Oh, baby.

Bick here. Reading your blog takes me back to my youth in such a delirious way. So, the 'chewing-raw-deer-sausage-winter-camping-"I-need-fat"' memory was triggered in the biggest way since I have left the polar extremes of my heritage and birthplace. I mean, HELLO. When it gets cold enough, you can actually feel yourself slip into a calorie deficit. It is not pleasant. Go to the tropix.

At August 10, 2005 5:22 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

Matt, you need a writing assigment. Write 500 words about your first memory of ever being on a boat. Edit it down to around 300 words and post. I'd love to read it!

At August 10, 2005 9:43 PM , Anonymous daveploeg said...

Matt, love the writings. Here's an e-book by my favorite economist that might inspire some writing,
In light of your earlier blog on ethanol, I thought you might enjoy this perspective. Well, "enjoy" might not be the correct word.


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