January 16, 2006


Here is today's word from A Word A Day:

sipid (SIP-id) adjective

Having a pleasing taste or flavor.

[Back formation from insipid, from Late Latin insipidus, from in- (not)
+ sapidus (savory), from sapere (to taste, to know). Ultimately from
Indo-European root sep ep- (to taste or perceive) that is also the
source of sage, savant, savvy, savor, sapid, sapient, and insipid.]

-Anu Garg (gargATwordsmith.org)

"CBS adds two new comedies to the mix this year, moving the insipid 'Major
Dad' to Friday nights to make room for John Ritter and Markie Post in the
slightly more sipid 'Hearts Afire'."

Ed Siegel; Monday: CBS is the Ticket; Boston Globe; Sep 14, 1992.


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