February 27, 2006

Early morning hi-jinks

So this is maybe the funniest thing that happened to me on my trip to Minnesota. I flew onward to Detroit at 6 in the morning, and had to get up pretty early to check in for the flight, get through security and put my shoes and belt back on and so forth. Then I grabbed breakfast (Mexican bean salad) from the food court and stopped off to powder my nose, on my way to the gate. I wash my hands, look in the mirror and guess who has his V-neck sweater on backwards, none other than my mirror self. There's not much to say in my defense. The guys at the security checkpoint must have gotten a kick out of it though. Then thinking back to before we left the house, my kind host was sitting on the couch watching me do the back stretching exercises he had taught me a few weeks earlier. You lie on your stomach and stretch out like superman, lifting your left arm and right leg 20 times, and then lifting your right arm and left leg. I wonder if he thought I was actually lying on my back, since I had my clothes on backwards? He said nothing. Was it grace at work?


At February 28, 2006 3:02 AM , Anonymous Tim said...

I honestly didn't notice. I wasn't noticing much that morning!


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