April 12, 2006

Home improvement

Its Eastertime, which for me means home improvement time. Easter 2005 I rebuilt the kitchen. '04 was building a home office that is now used by Fredrik to play computer games, in addition to hosting my clothes pile. '03 was floors. This year I am renovating the little bathroom-- painting, putting in a new floor & sink. So far so good-- spackling is done and the first coat of paint is drying. I gave myself a really cool frosty white hairdo (but just on one side) while reaching in to paint behind the toilet.

It is GREAT to see the flowers coming up around the house. I am always a big fan of the tulips which are growing about an inch a day, 8" total so far next to the house but not yet blossoming. Kids have been having fun playing outside-- the snow finally melted so now Anders can dig in his sandbox. He has invented several new games like running around like a nut saying 'Here comes the bulldozer!' over and over again.

It was a long hard winter this year-- March was colder than February (and February was bad enough, not to mention December or brrr January), and we got hit by the most snow they've had here in over 25 years. Teaching winter term always takes a lot of time and attention. All in all, what could be better than a few days at home with the family.


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