June 25, 2007

The Pope on Cars

I really liked the Pope's Driver's Ten Commandments.

1. You shall not kill.

2. The road shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm.

3. Courtesy, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with unforeseen events.

4. Be charitable and help your neighbor in need, especially victims of accidents.

5. Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.

6. Charitably convince the young and not so young not to drive when they are not in a fitting condition to do so.

7. Support the families of accident victims.

8. Bring guilty motorists and their victims together, at the appropriate time, so that they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.

9. On the road, protect the more vulnerable party.

10. Feel responsible toward others.


At June 29, 2007 7:07 PM , Anonymous Annie said...

I like them too.

But I'm not sure that the word 'especially' belongs in a commandment. Makes it sound like the first part is optional. Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of the word 'commandment'?

At June 29, 2007 9:25 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Yes I see your point. I guess these commandments were written by a mortal hand? It is possibly a slight mistranslation from the original Italian or German. It could be that it is meant to draw our attention to this point in particular....

At July 07, 2007 3:05 AM , Blogger rigtenzin said...

Pick at these commandments all you want, but the way we operate our automobiles causes lots of suffering due to crashes. I'm glad someone is talking about it other than a few crackpots like me.


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