January 03, 2008

Men oppressed by state-sponsored feminism

NOTE: I live in Sweden, and I thought some of you who don't would find this newspaper article interesting, for one thing because it gives a glimpse of the state of affairs here. Errors in translation are my own. I would like to see a post-sexist, post-racial, post-modern world.

Men are oppressed by state-sponsored feminism
by Pär Ström
2 Jan 2007, Swedish Daily

Lede: Humanism would be better. There is a widespread but hushed oppression of men in Sweden. Men find themselves beneath women in many areas. State-financed feminism pretends to fight for equality but its real goal is to reap rewards for its own group, asserts author Pär Ström who thinks that feminism should be replaced by humanism.

It was in the paper this week, Ove was abused by his girlfriend. But he wasn't believed, despite pictures and a medical report, and the investigation of abuse was closed.

Ove is sure that the reason that society let him down was his sex. It is one example of the widespread but hushed oppression of men in Sweden.

The inferior position that women have relative to men is very well documented through feminisms (largely state-financed) lobby. Mens' inferior position is most often left alone in silence.

According to feminist rhetoric, which remarkably is accepted as truth by a majority of the media and the political elite in Sweden, men are a collection of lazy and egotistical bullies who drink, hit their wives and conspire in the sauna about how best to oppress women.

On the other hand a halo floats over the heads of women like a sun.

This distorted picture is strengthened by research reports that strikingly often are twisted, prepared by dedicated feminists who already from the start have determined what they want to get across. The media is happy to telegraph onwards the feminist propaganda.

The reality is that men find themselves beneath women in many areas. Women live five years longer, which is not seen to be a problem to equality (but if the reverse had been true it would have been seen as an enormous injustice that must be corrected by investments in women in hospital care and medical research).

Women are checked regularly with mammography to detect breast cancer early, but men are not checked in a similar way for prostate cancer, even though the male form of cancer harvests 62% more victims than the female.


In custody battles women have a powerful advantage. 95% of all sole-custody decisions are in the woman's favor. The law discriminates against fathers. Women can win custody disputes by throwing out false accusations of assault.

More and more men say how they have been passed by for jobs in favor of less qualified women because the employer would like to improve their gender statistics.

Most violent crimes victimize men, but the whole civil debate turns around violence against women. Male criminals get heavier punishments than female for the same crime.


An unpleasant chapter in the sexual war that the feminists have started is the continual insulting of men. For example middle aged men can be called 'old man-like/old bastard-like' while it would be unthinkable to call a middle-aged woman 'old lady-like'.

This year's Nobel Prize-winner in literature Doris Lessing said the following about the phenomenon:

'I am more and more shocked by the thoughtless degradation of men that has become a so widespread part of our culture that we almost don't notice it anymore. The most stupid, ignorant and horrible women can insult the most warm-hearted, kind and intelligent men without anyone doing anything. Men seem to be so oppressed that they do not defend themselves.'

Sure women find themselves oppressed in some areas, feminists are right about that. But they deny the other half of reality.

Feminism pretends to fight for equality but in reality it only seeks to obtain privileges for its own group.

The Feminst Initiative (a short-lived Swedish political party) revealed itself in its party platform from last year: 'The political development of society must arise from women's conditions.'

True equality can only be achieved through gender-neutrality in the gender debate, where both sexes specific difficulties are given the same recognition.

We are all human and there is much more that unites us across the sexual boundary than divides us.

Replace feminism with humanism!


At January 04, 2008 12:35 AM , Blogger Papa Twister said...

Are you sure this isn't a science fiction story in the style of the movie A Boy and His Dog. I think that's the title. But of course, bait has rights in Sweden.

At January 04, 2008 9:43 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Haven't seen it but I think I understand what you are getting at:
Not to be confused with the uber-Swedish:

At January 15, 2008 3:11 PM , Blogger rigtenzin said...

I read this when you posted it and it's been on my mind since then. It makes me think about all forms of reverse discrimination.

I'll read the response article and the rebuttal that you posted links for.


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