January 23, 2005

Weekend Update

We were eating dinner and joking around that Mom and Dad were lions wolfing down a nice juicy zebra steak, and we asked Fredrik what kind of an animal he wanted to be. He skipped a beat, and then said, ‘something inedible.’

Anders is 15 months old and normally he doesn’t get to go in the room where we keep the rabbit. But he was in there, and I was watching him. He very carefully went over to the bag of hay and plucked out a single straw, and walked over to the rabbit and gave it to him.

The day starts with a shriek from Anders at 6:20. The circus begins. Circus ends when the kids are in bed asleep, maybe around 9. Can’t figure out where the time goes. By 9 we are beat. Feeling semi human again by about 9:30, and then, maybe, there are a few minutes to talk or read or watch TV. Then, get ready to start all over again and hope the kids sleep through the night.


At January 23, 2005 3:49 PM , Blogger fresca said...

I just wrote a long comment on my own blog (in response to a question), and I wrote that despite Nazis and Abu Ghraib and all evidence to the contrary, I believe that in our hearts and souls, we humans are fundamentally ("at the bottomly") "good," not blank or evil.

Then I read about Anders giving the rabbit a piece of hay and I thought--that's what I mean. I am not a romantic--I am VERY aware of how easy it is for people (and I start with myself) to betray that inner-good, but I do believe that IF we are not crazy with fear or desperation or pain or desire or whatever (a big IF), we would choose to give a bunny hay rather than bludgeon it for no reason (eating it doesn't count--that's not evil).

At January 23, 2005 3:55 PM , Blogger fresca said...

OH!!! That was YOUR comment I replied to on my blog! How funny! I just went back to my blog to check and see if my comments were posted and your comment had originally appeared as "MJ" which sounded so much like "Mary Jane" that I never connected it with "Matt J"! But just now when I looked, it had changed to your name. The ways of Blogger are strange.
I probably would have written my response differently if I hadn't felt I was writing to some totally unknown person--though you are ALMOST totally unkown! But Tim M. vouches for you!

At January 23, 2005 6:58 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Don't believe everything Tim tells you.
I was fooling around with the settings so my name changed _while you were posting_! But it is the same me.


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