February 20, 2005

Why global warming is not natural

From the latest meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (America's leading professional organization of scientists), 'Why global warming is not natural':



At February 23, 2005 4:19 AM , Anonymous bickie said...

No surprise that it finally has become acknowleged - just a bit of a surprise that it happened NOW. FINALLY. We might start taking responsibility for the destruction/alteration - after a 100+ yrsof bad news, we get the picture. Or at least SOME of us. I hate to be cynical ('cause its so EASY), but I really doubt that anything tangible will happen for another 25 yrs. I desperately HOPE that this sin't just another 15 min of research fame - I sincerely hope that it changes peoples' minds...

At February 23, 2005 10:02 AM , Blogger Matt_J said...

To me it seems that there had been a kind of an arms race in the climate change debate over the past decade. Both sides have become much more well organised and entrenched and it has polarized the issue. It'd be great if everyone could first agree on a common set of objective facts (doesn't seem so hard, does it?), and then once that's established, discuss solutions. No, I can't say I'm very optimistic either. Humanity is conducting a planetary-scale experiment on rapid climate change. It grinds my beans whenever I read a letter to the editor from a climate change opponent 'stop the environazis before we're all living in the former East Germany.' I am convinced we will not see anything useful coming from this administration, far from it.


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