September 14, 2005

Changing season

Today the low pressure system that was born off the Atlantic coast and became known as Hurricane Maria will reach the Scandinavian peninsula. It bears gifts of wind and rain, but thank heavens is no longer a hurricane (unlike Gudrun that hit us last winter). Instead this storm will mark the change of season together with blowing leaves, harvest moon and fall smells.

Anders was cranky this morning, wanting to get into the bathroom and then out of the bathroom and then in again, and then when we were trying to feed him breakfast. Nothing was good enough-- if Mom was holding him he wanted Dad, and vice versa. I left the house a split second later than usual and biked to the station against the wind. Got there in time to see people getting off my train, the absolute worst time to arrive because there is still hope. I threw my bike in the rack and ran for the platform, upstream through people, and arrived out of breath in time to see the doors close and the train glide away. Waited 15 minutes for the next one, a local train that stops at every door between Lund and Malmoe, and here I am in Malmoe, top of the day, time to stop blogging and start working. Amazingly I have no meetings or classes today so I can focus on some of the big jobs connected to the new lab we are building.


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