October 07, 2006

For you Joe

So one time back in the day Joe Mamer convinced me to join the Sea Scouts. We were charter members! (I think I was the token protestant in the group.) I found this picture while taking a look at those boxes my Mom asked me to deal with. That's Joe watching the water come in over the gunwhale. Aaron Canny is hiking out and that must be Barth at the rudder?


At August 09, 2007 3:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes that is me "hiking out"
The shot was actually staged as there was not a lot of wind that day.
Barth is at the rudder and he sent the boat into a hard turn. I had to time the "hike out" so we did not capsize the boat one way or the other.

J interseting to see you online

I can be reached at aaron.canny@charter.net


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