October 30, 2006

Papa Twister

If you read the comments through the last couple of weeks you will see that Papa T (aka Travis Bickle) has raised a number of great issues. My summary:

1. Why Blog?
2. Religion vs Science-- is there a difference?
3. Is it dangerous or perhaps worse, not in the spirit of multiculturalism, to read the Genesis creation story to second graders?
4. Is the Bible cultural junk DNA no better or worse than say the Epic of Gilgamesh?
5. Is it time for me to have a MLC?
6. Could Paul Westerberg be the next Randy Newman?
(Duly noted that both Papa T and beedubs think I should start a band!?)

1. Blogging is self-inflicted spam. Or is it?
2. You're darn tootin' there's a difference. Just as there are different kinds of infinity, there are different kinds of truths. Science deals in rational truths, religion in emotional truths. There is a third kind of truth that exist in a kind of grey zone, as discussed by literary critic Stanley Fish: Baseball umpire Bill Klem once waited a long time to call a particular pitch. The player asked him, impatiently, "Well, is it a ball or strike?" Klem's reply: "Sonny, it ain't nothing 'til I call it." What Fish is saying is, balls and strikes are not undeniable truths; rather, they "come into being only on the call of an umpire."
I'd like to see a nuclear physicist try that: 'Its not a photon until I say its a photon!'
3 to 5, punt.
6. When Hell freezes over!


At October 30, 2006 11:37 PM , Blogger Papa Twister said...

I'm having trouble replying to your email. It keeps coming back to me.

As for this post.

1) This conversation proves one use for blogging... to bridge distances. Of course email does this, but in a different way.

2) Kinda, but not really. The ultimate goal of both is the same.

3) Do you teach a child to believe in God and not to believe in God then tell them that it's their choice?

4) The Epic of Gilgamesh is a profound story.

5) It's time for you to form a Swedish spandex wearing (use your biking pants) heavy metal band called MJ and the Swedish Chefs... bork bork bork...

6) The Replacements are to Minnepolis as the Romantics are to Detroit except for the fact the the song "What I Like About You" will stand the test of time better than "Alex Chilton".

At November 01, 2006 10:32 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Papa T, likewise, memories of you keep coming back to me and I am have had some trouble replying.
The ultimate goal of religion and science-- funding? To understand the nature of the universe and figure out why we are here. You write, Do you teach a child to believe in God and not to believe in God then tell them that it's their choice? As my grandad Johanson used to say, Ha! He'll make his own choice no matter what I tell him. Some words my Dad said once come to mind, something about this organic need for faith arising from within people means that you could never kill the church. Its not so simple because I don't buy the idea that the Big Bang (or evolution) precludes faith, and of course one of the prime devices of the old & new testaments and stories like Gilgamesh is metaphor. God is a metaphor, said the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Didn't Sammy Hagar officially retire spandex in 1988? Any band member not showing up for rehearsals wearing a velvet jacket and string tie is going to be fined. On special occasions we will wear green pajamas decorated with space motifs. And ouch its true. I tried to like that song Alex Chilton, even bought some Red Star albums at Cheapo's to try to understand Paul's affection...But can The Romantics touch the primal power of I Hate Music, Red Light Run It or Mr. Swirley? He has done some sublime stuff-- listen to '14 songs.'
CORRECTION-- That song about Dallas accompanied by a saw is on an album by Jimmy Dale Gilmore and the Flatlanders, not Joe Ely, although Joe did used to play with the Flatlanders.


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