January 03, 2007

Try not to type f, g, v, b, r or t.

This will by my last post about insulation. The whole project brought me back to boyhood days spent building tree houses and digging out snow forts with the difference that I didn't have to borrow Dad's tools.

I put up a walkway in order to carry bales of insulation around in the crawlspace without falling through into the kitchen. It's just boards screwed into the beams. I was using a rechargeable screwdriver/drill to put these screws in at a kind of a funny angle, balancing my body getween two beams. At one point the combination buckled and I kind of fell in a way that drove the philipps head screwdriver bit in behind the knuckle of my left index finger. Now I have a wound there that looks like the cap of a philipps head screw. The only bandaids in the house are kids bandaids so yesterday I wore superman to work, and today it is snusmumriken and lilla my.


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