July 07, 2007


Our house lies under a popular hot air balloon route. They always fly in the evening. Often there will be several up at the same time. I liked this one because 'HD' is a molecule I've been thinking about lately.

It's been wet here. We got 5 inches on Thursday this week, judging by the accumulation in the plastic bucket raingauge set on the edge of the sandbox. Roads were closed everywhere and the beet field nearby was under a meter of water. Some train tracks were washed out but not on my route. All the rain made me wish for the 10th time that I would put a different seat on one of my commuting bikes. The seat right now has an enormous holding capacity, really it's just a sponge at the end of a metal tube.


At August 07, 2007 7:54 AM , Blogger JanieK said...

Very weird to see that... we had a hot air balloon land on our street last week and had one fly over our back yard close enough to yell... "your pool will be very nice when it is finished!"


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