May 24, 2008


I take the train to work and usually I use the time to read or write on my computer, and one or two days a week I sit with my buddy Anders. He thought this photo of the new freewheel/gear cluster looked like an Escher drawing.

So I was griping about all the things I have to do and Anders says, you should really just schedule a meeting with yourself, then you could get some work done. And if someone asks to meet you, you can wisely check your calendar and say you have a meeting, or you can say, well, I'll have to move this other meeting. So I booked a meeting with myself Friday morning and actually got a lot done.

The cycle rebuild is going pretty well-- maybe it'll be done inside of a week. I managed to scrub the chain rings in the kitchen sink this morning without getting caught.

The pedal crank arms are held in place by 15 mm bolts recessed inside a threaded hole with a 21 mm diameter. Normal 15 mm socket wrench heads have an outer diameter of 22 mm, so they won't fit, and you can't get enough purchase on the bolt trying to squeeze in a crescent wrench straight on. I asked in a bike shop and they said they could special order a tool for me for a small fortune. No thanks I said. So this morning I took a millimeter off the outside diameter of the socket head with a grinding wheel, took it into the workshop and got the crank arms off in no time.

Left to do: Clean and repack pedal bearings and headset, finish touch up painting, remount wheels, clean chain, rewrap handlebars, road test.



At May 27, 2008 3:02 PM , Blogger rigtenzin said...

This is another great improvisation of yours.

Shimano moved to 14mm bolts to avoid this problem, I suppose. Then 6mm and 8mm, then 10mm -- it's crazy -- standards are dead.

Every time I've bought a new bike in the last few years, I've been forced to buy new tools to work on it. Stick with the old stuff.

At May 28, 2008 10:59 AM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Thanks. I am sure I have done everything wrong like used grease when I should have used thread glue and vice versa. Still I am really impressed by this bike -- in part because everything works, reliably, unlike the 10 speed I had as a kid. The bike forces me to be a better rider. I need to build up my endurance.


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