February 02, 2005

February 2, 2005

My high school physics teacher was a guy named Dick Schleich who reminded us 15-year-old wags of Barney Fife. Once he told us of a little game he liked to play by turning the day's date into a poker hand. Today, 2/2/2005 would be a full house. God bless the high school teachers. Once he showed up for work in a nice black suit and we started giving him a hard time. 'I'm dressed for a funeral,' he said and the room fell silent, '--yours.' And then he handed back our latest exam.

To blog or not to blog? According to Fr'esca (who is sure not to mind if I share this), blogging is a yes in the face of despair, nihilism, materialism and mediocrity, and if you keep showing up, every once in awhile, you will see a flash of truth and beauty and the atoms will dance. Wow!

This morning at breakfast Fredrik said how he was going to take his brain out and clean it, and then sit in bed for 9 days until it dried off and he could put it back in. We asked him what he was going to clean it with and he said vegetable soup because it has so many nutrients.


At February 02, 2005 8:47 PM , Blogger fresca said...

I have pictured washing my brain, too!
I picture using a high-powered hose, like at a self-serve car wash, to blast away all the crud that gets caught in the grooves.
I think a lot of religious practice is designed to do this same thing--Lent, which starts next week, is really about cleaning out one's brain.
Vegetable soup, though? I picture little bits of carrot and peas getting left behind.


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