May 01, 2005

The beak pike are calling

The exact timing depends on the weather and the moon, but there is a window of about 3 weeks each year when the 'beak pike' swim close to shore, offering some of the best fishing found in these parts. The fish are long and thin, like a northern pike on a low carb diet. They are silvery and have long beaks full of sharp teeth, kind of like the garr I remember seeing in the Isaac Walton league cabin at the Steel County fair when I was a boy. I hope to get out to the coast next weekend with Fredrik. Last year he almost brought one in. When they're hooked they like to dance on their tails, flashing in the sun. Their bones turn green when you cook them and they taste great, tender white meat, a little creamy. In Denmark they call them 'horn fish.'


At May 02, 2005 5:34 AM , Blogger Brad said...

Cool. Ever try to catch one on a fly-rod? Do they feed on the surface? What do they eat? How big do they get?

At May 02, 2005 12:08 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

No, never tried fly fishing for them-- would be a lot of fun to try though. They mostly eat small fish and shrimp. I've heard you can catch them with a bobber and worm too, but haven't tried it. They can get pretty long, say 4 feet. Although their body is kind of eel shaped they move more like a sword fish-- they don't twist around like a snake.


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