May 16, 2005

Things to blog about.

1. Why Johnny Cash has always reminded me of my father (deep voice, authentic, you can see how the message of Christ lives in them...)

2. Overcoming myself in order to be a better father and teacher

3. Its spring and our house is surrounded by flowers-- cherry trees, apple, lilacs, tulips.

4. Yesterday we went fishing for greenbone (garpike) at a little harbor town and saw a half dozen people or so go swimming. They were teenagers on the cutting edge of the season and they screamed with pain and excitement.

5. We planted a linden tree on Saturday and I built an octagon of stone bricks around it. That was fun-- put a stone cutting blade on the angle grinder in order to cut triangular bits to fit the eight corners. The enterprise generated an enormous cloud of fine dust and I was covered from top to toe when the stones were finished. But you can't help liking any job that involves leather gloves, ear protection, goggles, a breathing mask, a shower of sparks and a hammer and chisel.


At May 17, 2005 2:27 AM , Blogger Kate said...

here are the questions you requested that I send you:

1. Why does Johnny Cash remind you of your father?
2. What does "get beyond myself" mean?
3.What does "better father" mean?
4. What does "better teacher" mean?
5. You say that "the message of Christ" lives in Johnny and in your dad. Does it live in you too?


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