September 25, 2005

Attempts at English

One of the perks of living over here is hearing and seeing lots of great attempts at English. (And it's all in good fun because I have done more than my fair share of damage to Swedish and Danish.) A sampling from last week's emails:

For the travel and accomodation the Academic Service will provide.

Maybe I should take a chat with Stan some time soon.

Anyway, contact me if you will have any problems.


At September 27, 2005 5:52 AM , Blogger fresca said...

OOooh, this is a DELIGHT. I have just started Arabic, here in Minnesota, and I wonder, what does our mangled attempt at pronouncing Arabic SOUND like to our teacher's Jordanian ears??? I wish I could hear us from inside her ears. She is immensely kind and patient, and hardly ever winces, but it must sound like gibberish. Yet extremely amusing gibberish, I hope. Tonight I formulates a sentence that was supposed to mean, "I would like an orange cat," and she smiled and nodded, but I wonder,,,,did I really pronounce somthing entirely different????


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