October 06, 2005

The Swedes' Ridiculous Cape

Here's a translation of a letter to the editor from today's paper:

The US has borrowed one of our submarines, with crew, in order to learn how to hunt diesel boats. Despite all of the technology that they have, they still have enormous problems finding our little wonder of Swedish ingenuity. A little submarine that is half as long, weighs a third as much and has a fourth the crew, no big cool nuclear reactor but instead a diesel engine, and still they cannot find her. When we see this happen out in the world, isn't it about time for us Swedes to throw off the ridiculous cape called the Jante law, stand up straight and proclaim, 'By the devil! Aren't we good at building submarines!'

(By the way, today somebody wrote to me, Therefore I would have been interesting to meet you. The alarming thing is that the first time I read it it made perfect sense.)


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