November 23, 2005

The Swedish Flu

Garrison Keillor once reported that, "a lot of people have been sick in Lake Wobegon, and it could be due to the weather (which has been unusually warm). Norway is a seafaring country and if you have Norwegian blood you're happier and you operate best when you're cold, wet, and sick to your stomach. Misery is what keeps a Norwegian going, and in warm, sunny weather such as we've had, they get sick and go to pieces and get a case of Swedish flu caused by weakness on account of a lack of suffering. (Swedish flu is like Asian flu but in addition you feel it's your fault.)" Besides the personal guilt this flu is also accompanied by "an overpowering urge to put things in order. Before you collapse in bed, you iron the sheets. Before you (throw up), you plan your family's meals for the upcoming week."

I have had the flu the last 5-6 days. My wife is away at a conference. My in-laws are staying in the house helping take care of the kids. I am working at home, coughing, sneezing, trying to stare at the horizon because the deck is pitching and rolling. Its great that they are here.

Read a phrase on Real Live Preacher where he said his goal when he writes something is that reading it should be like running downhill-- you don't want to stop. Cool idea! That's why I will spare you all my poetic descriptions of having the Swedish flu.


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