December 12, 2005

Thespian days

Welcome Janie K! Here's the lowdown. I played a madman named Renfield who kept his pet flies in a jar. At one point in the play Renfield eats his pets. (They were only stage flies.) Who remembers the name of the play?


At December 13, 2005 1:50 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Wasn't the title something to do with Brides for Dracula?
The best play I've been in was our third grade production of H. C. Andersen's classic Emporer's New Clothes. Dave Lunow and I were the tailors and Mark Woodrich was the emporer. He got to walk around in his thermal long johns.

At December 14, 2005 5:00 AM , Anonymous Janie K said...

Oh, damn... what was it? I know I played Mrs. Half-Nelson in the sanatorium and knitted the whole time with invisible knitting needles and yarn (A passtime that may come in handy again sometime!) Three Brides for Dracula?

I wish I had seen your version of E.N.C.!

At December 14, 2005 1:21 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Mrs. Half-Nelson of course! Priceless. I remember Rene Prestegaard running around reminding everyone their lines. Especially me.

At December 14, 2005 6:58 PM , Anonymous BC said...

It was Seven Brides for Dracula. I can't say I remember it, but Google turned up this link.

The one I remember, was a western melodrama. Matt was a narrator/singing bard. I was a sheriff. The rest has been erased from my mind. Maybe that's best.

At December 16, 2005 4:20 AM , Anonymous Janie K said...

You, sir, have WAY WAY WAY too much time on your hands if you found that link!

I can't help you wiht the western one, unfortunatley I did not participate in that one. I couldn't even remember the plot of the one I WAS in except for my knitting part... and now that it was mentioned... the fly eating!

At December 17, 2005 7:46 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

B.C., man with a bear trap mind! That was indeed the title, and great link! Miss Hearse The Nurse. Anyone remember who played Wolf Man and Bat Man?

About that other play, what ever possessed me to think I could play guitar on stage in front of people?

At January 24, 2006 6:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Major nostalgia blast...I'm still reeling...Matt J...Lincoln Elementary?...1st grade?...Mrs. Schwlalbe...T.O. reading with the farm kids..."Holy Cow!"...Destry Foyt running over desks before A.D.D. with hyperactivity was even a clinical diagnosis?..."The Amazing Adventures of Know-It-All"...and of course "The Emperor's New Clothes"... I was your Tailor partner with the Thermal long johns. I had these sky blue plaid shorts that I wore over them. I made the horrible mistake of taking them off after the play in front of the whole class! Do you know who I am?


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