May 31, 2006

Dreams: No exit, no pizza.

1. I knew that my visit to Paris's Metro would come back to haunt me, and last night it did. I was stuck in an underground maze in three dimensions, one part airport terminal, one part shopping mall, one part sports stadium interior, all parts French. I needed to find my way to the regional train system to catch a train to Sweden that had left 20 minutes before my dream. I read the televised train departure information. I walked across the sloping floor and took an elevator to another level. I could have been hundreds of meters underground for all I knew and the best part was that there was NO EXIT.

2. I was visiting home and my father ordered a pizza from New York, New York, and I had to go pick it up. I had 10 or 15 minutes to make the drive from Minnesota. It was a dark and windy night. I was driving a Mack truck from the 60s with a 27-speed hyperplex transmission known as the 'triple crown'. The best part was that when you were using the middle crown of gears you could spray fuel directly into the gearbox resulting in a super-overdrive. Just when I had climbed into the cab of the truck my alarm went off. NO PIZZA.


At June 01, 2006 12:08 AM , Anonymous tim said...

Ha. you should be designing trucks. Is there really a truck transmission called "triple crown"?


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