August 15, 2006

Dell recalls Sony Li-ion batteries

...a Dell notebook in the cab of a pickup parked alongside Lake Mead in Nevada caught fire, igniting ammunition in the glove box and then the gas tanks. The truck exploded. “A few minutes later and we’d have been coming up out of the canyon when the notebook blew up,” said Thomas Forqueran, owner of the computer and truck. “Somebody is going to wind up getting killed.”

I happen to use one of these self-igniting Dell notebooks myself, every day, and have noticed how warm it can get. I am waiting for a Dell representative to contact me.


At August 16, 2006 9:44 AM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Dear Customer,

Thank you for participating in the Dell recall of certain Sony batteries. Your replacement order has been received and you can expect to receive your new battery within 20 business days. You may continue to use your notebook computer safely by turning the system off, ejecting the battery, and using the AC adapter and power cord to power your system until your replacement battery is received.

At August 16, 2006 3:45 PM , Blogger rigtenzin said...

We have Dell laptops where I work. We have a fun game in which we place the operating laptop on our laps and see who quits first.

The guy who won is having lots of problems becoming a father. I think he's looking at some fertility issues now.


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