July 25, 2006


Ten reasons why the number 897 appears at the top of the blog:
1. This is my favorite model of all-mode transciever (see picture at top).
2. Simple numerology: the number 8 is two raised to the third power, the number 9 is three raised to the second power, and the number 7 is 2+2+3 and 3*3-2.
3. Because the Wien displacement law constant is 2.8977686(51) x 10^-3 m K.
4. Because quantum chemical calculations at the B3LYP/6-311G(3df,3pd) level of theory say that dioxirane has an absorption feature at 897 1/cm.
5. Because a student once calculated that the rate of Reaction 30 is 897 molecules per second.
6. Because there are 897 steps in the staircase up to the top of the Washington Monument.
7. AD 897 was the year of the trial of Pope Formosus. During the proceedings the exhumed body of Formosus was dressed in his papal vestments and seated on a throne while his successor Pope Stephen VI read the charges against him.
8. The year 897 was the beginning of the reign of Emporer Uda of Japan, the seventh son of Emporer Koko.
9. Because at mid-year 2025, the U. S. Census Bureau predicts that there will be 7 billion 897 million 989 thousand 4 hundred and twenty people in the world
10. Because if you are 897 days old you have almost reached the cutest age, 2.5 years. Remember?


At July 25, 2006 3:28 PM , Anonymous Tim said...

I'll have to look out for peak cuteness at age 2.5

How did you do this research? I see from Wikipedia that the trial of the dead pope is called the Cadaver Synod.


At July 25, 2006 3:38 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

As you know I have decades of experience researching the obscure. Here's my recipe:
1. grit
2. google
3. google desktop
4. wikipedia
5. its like walking through the forest at night: you see best using your peripheral vision. Those who don't know better would call this state 'absent minded' but I find it extremely conducive.
Google desktop is dynamite, I recommend it to one and all. It allows you to do a Google search on your own computer-- all Word documents, pdfs, visited websites, etc. etc.


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