June 19, 2006

New feelings

Tim McGuire was able to identify the exact moment when he knew he was living in a new era-- it occurred when he as watching a rock video made by some soldiers in Iraq. I had a similar experience last week at a ceremony at my son's school. In Sweden it is traditional to end the school year with some songs, speeches and balloons. The musical selection could include for example a classic old psalm about how the summer flowers are blooming. This year four fifth-grade boys took the stage and played 'Love is All Around' by Wet Wet Wet. Guitar, bass, drums and singer, Hansenesque, the singer made my skin crawl with a rendition that was pure, beautiful and just a little spooky. Then five fifth grade girls got up to sing a song making fun of one of their teachers. They had written their own text to go with the melody of The Ramone's 'Ramona'. Its a brave new world.


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