December 09, 2008

Hat Trick

Last night I scored the cyclist's hat trick: fix three flats in the same day. It was good too because I had to fold up the laundry and move it out of the workroom before I could start in on the bikes. My wife's tire had a thorn, my son a shard of glass and my bike a sharp peice of metal.

Our five year old has the chicken pox so I am at home taking care of him today. He is covered in red spots from top to toe but so far full of vim and not itchy.


At January 04, 2009 12:21 AM , Anonymous Joe Strahl said...

I do some do it yourself fix things but I don't do flat tires. For years as a kid I watched my reasonably handy father try to patch flats only to see them go flat again. A lesson learned for me.

Our solution at present: have extra bikes to use in case of flats and take bike, often on foot, to Ă…grens Cykel for replacement of tube and/or tire as soon as possible plus on some bikes have "puncture resistant" tires.

I suspect that your solution is more environmentally friendly and clearly cheaper so congrats.


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