February 27, 2005

Sceptical Environmentalists

If I didn't want to spend so much time with my kids and had more of a chip on my shoulder I would write a detailed criticism of Michael Chrichton's book 'State of Fear' based on the pages of notes I made while reading the book. But the good folks at http://www.realclimate.org/ have already done it:
Please my friends, don't be taken in by the smear campaign of right wing polemicists. The case for global warming is on firm ground, and there are lots of sceptical objective scientists looking into all the details. I know-- I am coadvisor for a PhD student who is looking into the theory that a small fraction of climate variation may be explained by natural causes--changes in solar activity and cosmic ray flux. They have built a climate chamber the size of a living room to look for aerosol particle formation from atmospheric ions, and have plans for experiments at CERN, the world's largest particle accelerator in Switzerland. I will let you know if they come up with anything interesting.


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