March 12, 2005

We worked hard

"We worked hard but every time things started to work a new plan for reorganization was put into action. I learned later in life that we have a tendency to meet every new situation by reorganising, and I learned what a wonderful method this is for creating the illusion of progress, while in reality it causes chaos, inefficiency and demoralisation. "

--Gajus Petronius, AD 66


At March 14, 2005 12:20 AM , Blogger fresca said...

I have been reading Herodotus this afternoon (for my Libya book) and just now posted a bit from him about an army that goes out to declare war on the wind.
With predictable results.
The results are always predicable when you go to war with the wind, but we never seem to learn...
(Is reading the classics comforting or frightening? I guess I find it more comforting or I wouldn't keep reading them. I find it cheering that I/we are not unique in our tragedies...or our beauties, either.)


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