May 31, 2005

Interruption of service

I don't think I'll be able to post much in the coming days. The conference I am organising will be this weekend, and one of my PhD students will defend her thesis next week. In addition the Danish Chemical Society is having their annual meeting next week and there are different things for the Society's secretary (yours truly) to take care of. The highlights:

1. This weekend's conference: There are always last minute cancellations and people that need hotel rooms or have problems getting visas. But knock on wood, everything is going well so far. The printers will deliver the book of abstracts tomorrow. In the end we let the man from Azerbeidjan register for the conference. I asked him about his travel plans and he said unfortunately he couldn't make it, but had we published his abstract and could we please send him a copy? I'll send him a bill for not cancelling his registration by the deadline (since we'll have to pay for his room), and if he pays that, I'll send a copy of his abstract.

2. My student has done a great job, nice research results, professional thesis. I will be sad to see her go!

3. I was able to nominate both of the plenary speakers for this year's meeting of the Danish Chemical Society. One will talk about the chemistry of the kitchen, and the other about atmospheric chemistry and climate change.

Welcome back in about a week's time.


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