August 30, 2005

On edge

I don't think it is so well known in the US that Denmark is part of the coalition of the willing and has troops at 'Camp Eden' in southern Iraq. The Danish authorities are in a state of high alert since the recent attacks in London. Last week I saw a lot of photographers with telescopic lenses pointed through the wrought iron fence towards the middle of a park in Copenhagen, the park outside Rosenborg Castle where they have the crown jewels. Perhaps the royals were making an appearance? Then I saw a smallish white tank with a long arm for a turret back out of a police trailer and thought they must be practicing. The next day at lunch I heard what had really happened-- apparently a man was collecting bottles in the park and one of the bottles in his shopping cart burst (exploded?), so they called the bomb squad. 'Too much yeast!' someone said at lunch.

Today I got down to the platform in time to see my train dissappear from the monitors. Then they announced that all trains along my line had been cancelled because a bag had been left at one of the other stations. Back above ground I saw a lot of police. I rode my bike to the central station and after a slight delay was able to catch a train bound for Sweden. Will have to check the news tonight to find out what was going on. I sure am glad these guys take their jobs seriously.


At September 01, 2005 11:16 AM , Blogger Matt_J said...

What happened is that someone got off a train, set a duffle bag onto the platform, and then got back on the train, which then left the station. That's all we've been told, and that they did not need to shoot the bag since they have some devide that can roll itself out to a bag and take an x-ray.


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