November 23, 2006

Steger speaks to churches

Thanks to my priceless friends Tim and Francesca for pointing out this news item:

ST. PAUL - Will Steger's message about global warming is drawn from his own expeditions to the planet's frozen reaches, and it is stark: The Arctic is unraveling, he says, and with it the future prospects for polar bears, seals and even Eskimo culture.

And the world-renowned polar explorer is finding an audience for this in a place he didn't expect - Twin Cities churches.

Steger urges audiences to reduce oil consumption and become more energy efficient, and to support efforts toward more use of wind energy, biofuels and grass-based ethanol.

Church leaders said it's a message they want churchgoers to hear. "It started with congregations coming to us, asking for assistance in addressing environmental concerns," said the Rev. Mark Peters... "It's not rocket science to connect our faith to issues of global warming and why we are concerned."

Steger said he couldn't have given his presentation a year ago because it was simply too direct.
"I would have been accused of using scare tactics with people," he said. "That is one thing that really has changed."

Steger said church audiences are ideal for his message. "For me, it's a moral issue," he said. "People are seeing this is a real thing, and there's a moral obligation to act."
To me almost nothing could make more sense than to link faith and environmentalism.


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