January 19, 2007


I put on some nice clothes today, a new sweater, chinos, a shirt I got for my birthday. Got on my bike to ride to the station. It's a warm winter but warm is relative; it was dark, windy, damp, and then smack! I got hit by something gritty in my right temple. That's odd I thought, much too early for teenagers. I thought maybe a bird had flown into me and I didn't think much more about it until I sat down on the train and looked at my pants. When did I spill chocolate on my pants, I thought, and then oh shit, that's not chocolate. I went to the bathroom and saw an enormous bird crap splattered on the right side of my head. More grit than goo, luckily, and after some effort I was able to get things cleaned up-- like my ear and hair, my helmet, jacket, new shirt, pants and bag.
In Denmark they say that if you get hit by bird crap it brings good luck, so today I hit the jackpot. Somewhere there's a bird with a big smile on his face.


At January 19, 2007 6:22 PM , Anonymous Tim said...

"Much too early for teenagers" you are thinking like me!
I bet it was a seagull. I know for sure that seagulls target people. All-in-all, better to be outdoors and getting crapped on.


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