September 05, 2007

Four things.

1. I have made the dangerous discovery that it is almost as much fun not to post as to post.

2. There is a three-year-old in the house and he has not made a discovery but simply knows what every three-year-old knows: no matter what you are doing, it is more fun with shrieks or at least motor sounds.

3. We went to Odense Denmark last weekend. Saw H. C. Andersen's house and went to the train museum and a robot exhibition. In the middle of town they have a pillar that displays the number of bycicles that have passed that day. We walked past it on a Saturday morning at 11.00 and 5,600 bicycles had already passed, Danes are nuts about biking. There was a group of people on the street handing out bunches of organic carrots to publicize the health magazine some public agency was giving away. Our three year old was terribly thrilled because his greatest dream in life is to be a rabbit.

4. Andersen has written cool stories like The Snow Queen, see also Andersen's work on Project Gutenberg.


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