September 09, 2008

Issues vs. What we're getting right now

Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush

By Arianna Huffington

September 07, 2008


Just found this cool blog wordspinning. It starts with this quote:

This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown aside with great force.

-Dorothy Parker

September 02, 2008

A walk on the wild side

I've been at a conference the last couple of days, helping man a booth, presenting our research, talking with different companies and whoever stops by. The University made a postcard with a picture of my photochemical reactor on it, and I get to hand out pens and memory sticks. The first few hours of this are quite fun and then the brain checks out and the mouth goes on autopilot. And then I needed a break so I cut out to shake the weasel. I went into a stall that I had visited the day before, and it seemed unusually fresh, and then I noticed there weren't any poems or diagrams on the walls. That's funny, and I waited for someone else to finish before I exited my stall. I looked around, and the urinals were missing. I could've sworn they were right over there...Oh, I sure hope I didn't....and then I made a quick exit, head down, and two women walked in as I walked out. Eeeyikes!

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