November 26, 2006

News from home

Our younger son is recovering from a bout of Scarlet Fever. You may remember this disease from literary classics like Little Women and The Velveteen Rabbit-- and it was Scarlet Fever that blinded Laura Ingalls Wilder's big sister Mary, and killed Victor Frankenstein's mother. So, my wife took our son, fevered, red as a strawberry, to the clinic and the nurse didn't know, and she asked a doctor who asked another doctor and they took blood and saliva and did some tests, and figured out what it was. (I had thought it might be a disease known as 'slap cheek'.) They prescribed penicillin, and after a couple of days the little guy was almost himself again, apart from dried rash covering his face and desquamination on his hands. (That means that the skin peels off). I was home from work a couple of days to take care of him, so was my wife. Right now he is watching Avatar with his big brother, and none of the rest of us got it....

A big pheasant rooster walked through our yard yesterday to wish Happy Thanksgiving.


At November 28, 2006 5:23 PM , Anonymous Tim said...

that is scary! I am so glad he recovered and is OK.

At November 28, 2006 9:11 PM , Blogger Matt_J said...

Thanks Tim, we're glad too.
My dad had a bad case of Scarlet Fever when he was a boy-- the fever damaged his teeth, cracked the enamel. The story he told me was that he fixed a general's jeep (this was on Hawii in WWII) as part of a deal-- in return the general bumped him to the front of the line at the dentist, who yanked his teeth and made him dentures.
Let's hear it for modern medicine.


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