March 23, 2007


I had a remarkable dream a couple of nights ago. I was supposed to stand up in front of the congregation and read a passage from the Bible. I stood up and opened my Bible (I had marked the page with a post-it) and the page was blank. No text! I started saying something to buy time, and I knew the people in the church were my friends so they would understand. That's the dream.

The dream is a wonderful combination of some classics:
1. Having to take an exam in High School you completely forgot about
2. Having to teach a course you completely forgot about
3. Visiting the place you grew up

This is what I get for reading that book by Dawkins. He's at his best arguing against literalists and fundamentalism, and there's no doubing that evolution is an awesome machine. He describes it as a crane lifting itself up step by step, finally building a mountain, as opposed to the sky hook of intelligent design.


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