June 20, 2008

Too much

Too much work lately has left me feeling numb. Luckily I have a week's vacation coming up which will give me a chance to figure out the new phone I bought with my tax refund.

Here's a picture I took of my feet with the phone. That's Anikin Skywalker on the tube.

I work with a guy from Poland. On the train home he was telling me stories about the communist days. His grandpa worked for the state railroad and even after he retired he had a free rail pass. His grandpa knew where to get things. My friend's town only had one kind of bread but his grandpa could get better bread by taking the train two towns away. One time my friend needed a new bike tire so he asked grandpa, who thought about it, and then knew just the town that would have a store with a tire in stock.

I got home from work yesterday, tired after giving a presentation to investors, and our four year old said 'look Dad!'. And before I could open my mouth he stood up on the arm of a chair and jumped off it onto an air mattress. After the bounce he leapt into a summersault and landed perfectly at the end of the air mattress. I was speechless. Perfect execution and a high danger factor. Praise or scorn?? I told our little circus flea that it was really impressive but that he couldn't do it again.


At June 20, 2008 3:50 PM , Blogger rigtenzin said...

Get a little video of the flea's trick. That sounds impressive.


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