December 07, 2006

Memo of the day

Here is a loose translation of the day's most interesting office memo. It is accompanied by a picture of a Polka band wearing dirndl and laederhosen and two women carrying an incredible quantity of beer.

The Great Christmas Oktoberfest from East Germany, welcome to Oktoberfest in December.
Exciting beer with grilled swine and lamb.
The grill will be ignited at 1 PM.
Beer will be served from the very start by real live German Heidis.
As last year, there will be beer, wine and water as long as supplies last-- the taps will be closed at midnight. This year the focus will only be put on the exciting beer.
The German hit-music DJs will start playing at 1 PM and later there will be dance music.
German lottery with Christmas Oktoberfest prizes, beer tasting and surprises, welcome to this year's Oktoberfest in December. Registration is binding and no money will be returned. Christmas greetings from the party committee.


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