December 01, 2006

Space Face

So I was opening my mail this morning and I was happy to see a copy of The Planetary Report, the newsletter from The Planetary Society, which I joined recently. Turns out they are going to be etching my name (and the names of the other members of the society) on a silicon disk that will be sent to Mars as part of a mission to explore the Martian Arctic. Strange. They say the disk will last for many centuries on the Martian surface. They have also included several books on the mini-DVD, by Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke and so on, in order to create 'the first Martian library'. Who will be the first Martian librarian?

Here is a Rock Opera about the colonization of Mars written by a friend of mine.


At December 01, 2006 10:46 PM , Blogger Papa Twister said...

Thanks for the endorsement.


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