February 22, 2008


In Sweden they use meteorological definitions of the seasons. Spring has arrived when the temperature is above freezing for 7 days in a row. In fall the average daily temperature is between 32 and 50 F, and it cannot be fall after Feb. 15. It is winter when the temperature stays below freezing for several days.

This map shows when the Swedish winter usually arrives. We're down there at the bottom on the '10 Jan' isotime line. But this year winter never made it. That meant that when fall expired last week we were officially without a season.

The temperature has been below freezing a few times over the last few months, night frosts, a day or two of snow, but that was it. It pains me to tell you this because I believe winter is good for the soul and this year I have not been cleansed. It's too late for me now because spring has arrived.

Here are some cloistered lillies that were blooming in the park today.


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